Hacking a mobile phone means being able to connect to it from an external device, such as another cell phone or computer, and having access to all data, files and applications found on it. There are many different ways to hack a cell phone. In this web you can see different methods and use the one that best suits your possibilities.

How to Hack a Cell Phone 

Some people actually think that some devices can not be hacked, but all, without exception, can be hacked when the person with the appropriate skills uses the appropriate tool. Now, we will go into more details of how a phone can be hacked.

Hack a Cell Phone using the Phone Number

Using the phone number is one of the most effective ways to access a cell phone remotely and hack it, simply by knowing the number of the person we want to spy on, we can enter your cell phone and search for anything we want. To do this you will need a the service of a mobile phone hacker with the right skills and experience to use the required software to successfully pull this off. IncFidelibus – incfidelibus@gmail.com is an ethical hacker with a decade experience with phone hacking who has successfully hacked about 96% of all requests so far.

Hack a cell phone from the PC

You can hack any cell phone remotely and monitor it all from your own computer, as long as you have the right program, it’s an efficient way to do it.


It only requires a PC or computer, a cell to spy or hack online and you have full access to the mobile phone from your computer.

Hack Cell Phone using IMEI

Using the IMEI, you can gain remote access to any cell phone and hack it easily, the IMEI code is a special number that each cell phone has, and you can get it by dialing *#06#. The IMEI is the code that allows you to make and receive calls, that is one of its main function, using the IMEI technique it is possible to connect to any cell phone remotely. If you want to know exactly how it is done, see our previous post on how to hack a cell phone with IMEI number.

Hacking a Cell Phone using the IP address

The IP address is the address assigned to a device each time it connects to the Internet. When a cell phone connects to the Internet it automatically happens to have an IP address, knowing that IP we can connect to, and hack the cell phone remotely.

Hack a Cell Phone via Bluetooth

This way of hacking cell phones is not very used, since you need to be very close to the mobile device you want to hack, which can be a very dangerous method. It is also absolutely necessary that the target phone bluetooth has been activated.

Hack Cell Phone by Wi-Fi

To be able to hack a mobile phone via Wi-Fi, it is necessary that your device (PC or phone) is connected to the same network as the cell you want to hack.

Hack iPhone Remotely 


Smart phones especially iPhones enjoy a certain reputation of good network security that makes them to be perceived as impenetrable. However, we have been able to successfully hack every single iPhone that has been contracted for us to hack. So the truth is that it is really possible to hack an iPhone and access its entire system. As you will understand, there are different ways to be able to hack an iPhone smartphone, one of them is using an iCloud account.

Hack Android Phone Remotely 

There are several ways to hack a cell phone with an Android operating system, from hacking with the phone number or IMEI number. It can also be done through Bluetooth to using applications used to access another terminal remotely.

Track Cell Phone

When we hack a cell phone, either by number or by any other method of hacking, we can access your GPS. It sends information about where it is at that precise moment directly to our dashboard which you can monitor from your phone and computer. Tracking a cell phone is something people have been interested in since the first cell phones went on sale. However, to carry out a tracking first we must hack the cell that we want to access, in this way we can get any information from it.

Hack WhatsApp

Spying on WhatsApp messages from another person will allow users to be completely calm if they need to know what the other person’s conversations are. Find out more on how post on how to Hack Anyone’s WhatsApp Messenger.


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