Is your Wife Cheating? Don’t just know the Truth, find out why

Infidelity is the leading cause of divorce globally. Infidelity is the most common reason couples break up. There is no other aspect of love that arouses more fear, gossip or fascination. Statistics vary, since it is always carried out and done secretly.

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Technological advancement and the digital age offers us unprecedented possibilities in continuous expansion, to maintain all kinds of illicit encounters. A couple therapist A. Bollinches, defined infidelity as; secret relationship hidden from one’s partner. The unfaithful person is one who has sexual relations with a third party without the consent of her partner.

Is chatting cheating? Is being registered on a dating app cheating? What about keeping in touch with an ex lover or even the popular emotional affairs? There is no universal definition of the term.

The therapist, who stated that technology and social changes have made the reality of the couple more complex. We must speak in some cases of “cyber infidelity” and in others of “alternative infatuation”. Such infatuation could be as dangerous as sexual infidelity. Some common warning signs of an affair are;

Change in sex life

Addiction to phone and social media

Increased credit card spending

What Counts as Infidelity?

Infidelity falls into any of these 3 categories;

1. There is a secret relationship that occurs outside of your marriage or “main” relationship. It is precisely its secret nature, that gives intensity to the encounters.

2. Sexual alchemy – Illicit relationships sometimes include sex and sometimes not, but they are always erotic.

3. Emotional link – Most of these relationships register an emotional component to one degree or another.

5 Common Signs of Infidelity – Signs Your Wife or Husband is having an Affair

1. Your wife or husband becomes emotionally distant, absent or withdrawn.

2. Is angry and critical, there is an increase in couple discussions.

3. She accuses you of wanting to control or control it and claims more space of its own.

4. She is suddenly working more hours than before, or having more meetings outside of business hours and business trips.

5. She seems to pay much more attention to her appearance: she buy new clothes, underwear, joins the gym, lose weight etc.

Other signs of infidelity to look out for are; change in sex life. Social media addiction. Increased and unaccountable credit card spending.

All the above points are pointers that your spouse is most likely having an extramarital affair. However you can’t be sure until you get solid and concrete evidence. The good news is that you can easily get this evidence by having access to their phones. This will enable you monitor it see everyone they are in communication with.

Once you begin to notice these common warning signs of an affair, you need to pay close attention. To successfully do this, you need to hire an expert. Hire INCFIDELIBUS to uncover every secret your wife is keeping from you today, contact INCFIDELIBUS–

Another great reason using INCFIDELIBUS is that, you will be able to find out why your partner is having an affair. People are known to be more expressive of their deep emotions during extramarital affairs. It always pays to know the truth!!


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